Pay Per View (PPV) is a Worldwide programming option that allows you to broadcast special productions live. These are one-time events available for purchase on a specific date and time. These can be available after the show as well.

The pre-show is an excellent platform for placing sponsors & advertisers to make your production more profitable. 

Benefits of Live Streaming

Live streaming gives creators and distributors a one-stop offering that combines quality live streaming capabilities with OTT distribution and monetization features to help build a robust and flexible subscription service.

Here is how our live streaming for OTT features work.

  • To connect with your audience
  • Opportunity to make the event profitable by sponsorship & advertising.
  • Streaming video on demand (SVOD, paid subscription or registration gateway): Create a subscription price for your videos. This is a great way to build revenue around your videos – most users find they can double or triple profit-sharing revenue from other sites with dedicated, audience-driven subscriptions.

  • Scheduling: Go live or push your videos live at a specific, pre-set time.


  • Live stream to apps: Stream live to  apps (iOS, Android, tvOS, Amazon Fire) or desktop.


  • Live feed into OTT player: For broadcasters and media companies, you can now plug a live feed into your OTT app, delivery traditional “linear television”-style content to your audience.


  • Auto archiving: Live events will automatically appear on-demand with no additional upload.


  • Geo-blocking: For media license or rights that are geographically determined, this will allow you to block videos from certain countries so you can stay within the guidelines.


  • Analytics: Understand which videos – live and on-demand – are gaining traction, how long viewers watch for, where viewers watch from, and which videos are your most popular.

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